Meet Shaye

Hometown:  Reeltown, USA
Occupation: Outdoor Journalist/Social Network Editor
Hobbies: Fishing, Writing, Photography
Favorite Lure / Techniques: Throwing a frog, Flipping and Pitching, Working a spinnerbait
Favorite Lakes: Lake Okeechobee
Boat: Ranger Z20
Motor: Mercury 225 Pro XS
Angling Heroes: Ricky Baker, my father and one of the best fisherman I know. Scott Canterbury, Greg Vinson
Whether I'm fishing for a story or the next big bite, you'll find me on the water. From my early childhood splashing around in creeks to the back deck of my father's boat and finally to the front of my own, fishing has remained constant and helped me evolve into the person I am today. Fishing is my passion and so much more than a sport to me. I have enjoyed the constant battle to outsmart those slimy green fish and have been blessed by the relationships that I have developed with friends and family out on the water.

Fishing has taken me to some amazing places and has produced some of the greatest moments of my life. Starting out on Lake Martin and Yates fishing local pots with my dad, then my city club Kowaliga Bassmasters and on from there to the Auburn University bass fishing team. I have been very fortunate to make the most of being in the right place at the right time and grow in the sport. I'm honored to be an alumni of the Auburn University bass team and a two time College Fishing All-American.

With one season of the EverStart Series in the books I look forward to a sophomore season with hopes that I'll be able to tame some of those tricky curveballs that slipped by me this past year. I have been provided opportunities to write about the sport I love as well and have enjoyed learning from some of the best and conveying that knowledge to the reader. You can follow along with my journey by reading my blog and check out some of the latest articles that I’ve written. Thanks for the support and I hope to see you out on the water soon!