Wilson Bass Over Easy With Casey Martin

Posted by shaye on March 27, 2012

00001553XL.jpgMy Latest release at Alabama Outdoor News-

The Tennessee River is home to some of the greatest bass fishing not only in the state of Alabama but in the entire country. Nestled right in the middle of the river, just up the road from Florence, is a small 18-mile reservoir known as Wilson Lake. Often overlooked by outsiders looking in, this small body of water offers up big bass, and that’s no secret to the locals.

Though the larger events that bring such notoriety to its fellow Tennessee River waterways are a little too much for its surface area, there’s no doubt the same giant smallmouths and largemouths that roam the rest of the river dwell in the deep, clear waters of Wilson as well. Huge stringers in recent months have been brought in to win local Wildcat tournaments, and that has the lake swarming with bass boats. > see more at AONmag.com.


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