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Posted by shaye on September 5, 2011

When I was about 16 I swore to myself that I would never buy a spinning rod. I didn’t need any of that sissy stuff. I was a power fisherman and I would go out with my braid and big baits and catch them shallow. I eventually compromised a little here and there, moved to stealthier fluorocarbon and threw shaky heads and scroungers when conditions demanded it.

But I never broke down and bought a spinning rod. Still hard headed and naïve. I played ignorant to the fact that I obviously needed one. It would have been “Just another weapon in the arsenal” as several pros had told me before.

My inability to swallow my pride and do what needed done only hurt myself and my productivity out on the water. If you want to survive playing this game you must evolve.

I didn’t. Not when I should have. Now looking back I realize there were many tournament situations where I could have caught more fish, finished better, and likely been further along in this journey towards the top.

Back in July I watched as every Elite guy in the Post Season on Jordan and the Alabama River utilized a spinning rod to some degree. I witnessed just last week as Tom Mann winched 4 pound spots up from the depths of Lake Lanier with a spinning reel. And a couple days ago I finally gave in.

I went down to Bass Pro, bought a couple spinning rods and reels, spooled them up, rigged a drop shot and a fluke and went experimenting. The reel was a little funky at first. But with every revolution came evolution and I actually ended up catching a few fish. No giants but a success all the same.


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