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Finesse Cranking Cold Winter Bass

Posted by shaye on January 9, 2012

jackall-soul-shad-spotted-b.jpgMy latest release at Wired2Fish -

There comes a time every year when you just have to slow down out on the water. That time of year when you have to defrost your compartment latches just to get to your tackle. When every fifth cast is spent popping little ice pellets from your rod guides. When a frog’s only business in your boat is to remind you of warmer days and that there are more to come.

But don’t let the short days and cold weather get you down. The fish are still in the water, as frigid as it may be. And they still have to eat. You just have to change your offering and sometimes where you look. Although there’s a plethora of techniques that will produce in the winter, one of the most tried and true is finesse cranking.  > see more at Wired2Fish.com.


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