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Fish with Some Soul

Posted by shaye on November 24, 2011

SonicHub-9.jpgMy latest release at Wired2Fish -

Story and Photos by Shaye Baker - I once found myself in the midst of a bull whip jungle on Lake Okeechobee, to my knowledge miles from any other mammal with opposable thumbs. After about an hour of eager exploration, the available water had gotten too shallow for me to fish and too narrow to turn around. I was just taxiing along as fast as 36 volts could take me, hoping to find open water or at least a deep enough ditch to cover the outboard prop. I thought to myself this would be a great place for the filming of Deliverance 2 and began to listen closely for the dreaded sound of banjos. It sure would have been nice to have a little something to drown out that deafening silence.> see more at Wired2fish 


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