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Float-n-Fly for Nostalgic and Productive Fishing in Winter

Posted by shaye on December 30, 2011

float-n-fly-smallie.jpgMy latest release at Wired2Fish -

If you want to test your patience, try fishing the float and fly on a cold winter day. It’s quite possibly the slowest way to fish for the most lethargic bass of any season. It’s a technique, however, PRADCO pro Jimmy Mason relies on to heat up even the coldest winter day because it is so effective.

Having used the rig to amass several top 10s in recent years, Mason has also developed a knack for the bait on his home waters in Alabama. Any lake where the water is cold and clear is a great place to sample the technique. As the water temps sink below 55 degrees, Mason will add the bait to the arsenal It is when the water drops to the 43-45 range, however, when the bite really ignites.  > see more at Wired2Fish.com.  


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