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Mix Up Techniques For A December Mixed Bag On Lake Rabun

Posted by shaye on November 25, 2011

rabun.jpgMy latest release at Georgia Outdoor News -

In the northeast corner of the state, just a few miles as the crow flies from both Tennessee and South Carolina, you’ll find a beautiful little lake sitting snug in the mountain tops. With only 25 miles of shoreline and 835 acres dam to dam, Lake Rabun is not a real eye catcher if you are looking at a map and planning a vacation, and it doesn’t get much attention as a fishery. But take my word for it, you need to go there.

With a handful of abundant species and a few rarities mixed in, Rabun is no doubt the most diverse lake for its size that I have ever fished. Both spotted and largemouth bass are accompanied by a plethora of aquatic species including crappie, brown trout, pickerel, perch, striper and a fast emerging walleye population. All of which grow big and grow quickly thanks to the abundant forage fish including the protein-packed blueback herring that inhabit the lake.> see more at GON.com



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