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Respect Builds Bass Fishing Bonds

Posted by shaye on February 21, 2012

McMillan-Tharp.jpgMy latest release at Wired2Fish -

Few people outside the fishing world can understand the relationship that you have to have in order to fish with someone. And I don't mean just going out to the lake for a Sunday afternoon to burn a few hours. I’m talking about trust. Full disclosure. The kind of relationship where you know you can tell or show each other anything and also know it won’t come back to haunt you.

It's often associated with a father-son or brotherly relationship because that’s where it usually starts. Years of trust are poured into a partnership before either partner really knows what’s happening. And by the time it comes down to needing to trust someone out on the water, it’s just second nature. Relationships like this don’t come about very often outside of the family. But if they do form, water can be thicker than blood. A friendship forged through fishing is one of the most powerful there is. > see more at Wired2Fish.com.