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Posted by shaye on August 6, 2011

runnin150.jpgWell it's the night before day 2 of the Everstart Series on Lake Eufaula. I was very fortunate on a tough lake today. Had 10 pounds 9 ounces including a 4 and a half pound bite. That's more than I've had any of the 6 days of practice here. Sitting in 24th of 148. This is the worst I have ever seen it. A traditionally great fishery plagued by low water and postspawn funk.

I have no confidence that I can catch 10 pounds here again. And that would likely just get me a check if I did. I'm tired of fishing for a check. The big boys don't fish for checks. Hero or zero. They fish for the win. And you know them. Because they win. Sure they finish in a hundredth place or so more times than not. But who remembers those finishes. No one except the angler himself.

So it's time to gamble. Make a long run. About 100 miles. One way. To Florida. Lake Seminole. The promise land. At least that's the hope. A pipe dream really. It's full on at 70 mph. Two locks. Looming threat of possible boat trouble. And a ton of other variables. But its time to swing. This is what great stories are made of. Gamblers. Fence hunters. That's where I got to start looking. That's where winners look. To the fences. It's time to swing.


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